the life and death of fred herko

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In October of 1964 one of Warhol’s most footnoted muses, Fred Herko, jetéd out the window of his ex-lover’s apartment, naked and high on speed. In this site-specific, installation performance an intimate audience is guided through a utopian re-imagining of Herko's death. Saturated with queer pop-culture references and genre-blending moments of video, theatre, art installation, and sound, The Life and Death of Fred Herko explores the collateral damage of art.

Continued development of The Life and Death of Fred Herko is generously being supported by the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts.


Nominations, Montréal English Theatre Awards (2017/2018):
Outstanding Independent Production
Outstanding Lead Performance
- Actor (Oliver Price)
Outstanding (Original) New Text - Natalie Liconti
Outstanding Emerging Artist - Production - Daughter Product - Theatre Company - The Life and Death of Fred Herko

a dyke's guide to fair play




Two unsuspecting contestants are trapped in the world of a dystopian game show. In a very, very ironic exploration of "safe spaces", the piece explores the performativity of activism through a darkly-comic queering of the retro American game show.

Developed with the support of Camden People's Theatre's Starting Blocks Programme.
Further developed with the support of the Toronto Arts Council.

the gentle art of punishment

"beautiful, tragic... darkly comic...” 
- magazine


A dystopian dark-comedy that unravels trauma through sound, text and movement. Three women engage with their girlhoods, idols and ideals in a dream-like and nostalgic narrative. The Gentle Art of Punishment is for anyone who has ever had a crush on their therapist - or thinks that Drew Barrymore is under-appreciated in her dramatic roles. 

awards and history

Presented, ZH Festival 2017 (Montréal QC)
Presented, Calm Down, Dear Festival 2018 (London UK)
Presented, Wildside Festival 2019 (Montréal QC)
Shortlisted, Playwrights’ Guild of Canada’s Robert Beardsley Award 2018