"A Montreal theatre collective brings A Dyke’s Guide to Fair Play to the Fringe Fest"

By MacKenzie Lad
Published June 7 2018

"Natalie Liconti was pretty dissatisfied with the theatre scene as she experienced it, but instead of throwing in the towel she took matters into her own hands and started her own theatre collective, Daughter Product.

Two productions later and with the third (A Dyke’s Guide To Fair Play), set to premiere at this year’s Fringe Festival, the interdisciplinary, devised performance collective is quietly rebelling against the theatre industry from the inside."

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Wildside Review: Daughter Product depicts female oppression in the dystopian, deviant “The Gentle Art of Punishment”

By Camila Fitzgibbon
Published January 12 2019

“The Gentle Art of Punishment is altogether an interesting, intelligent interpretation of Foucauldian and queer theories… Liconti’s Drew Barrymore TV segment is a high point to unveil these characters’ intricate, fractured relationships with friends, mothers, lovers, other women, and themselves. It’s certainly a thought-provoking conception – quite humorous and enjoyable, actually, in its moments of levity…

Daughter Product remains a valuable player in the contemporary movement in Montreal and its experimental, rebellious brainchild is quintessentially Wildside.”


"REVIEW: A Dyke’s Guide to Fair Play Offers A Queer Response to #MeToo"

By Willow White
Published June 19 2018

"Thought provoking, clever, and wildly funny"


"inside THE Walk-in closet"

Filmmaker Santiago Bessai interviews the performers of THE WALK-IN CLOSET who chat about representation, playing straight, and going to "queer camp"!

Featuring (In Order of Appearance): Katharine King, Natalie Liconti, Tranna Wintour, Adam Capriolo, Dakota Jamal Wellman, Maxine Segalowitz

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Nico Oglivy from Cult MTL interviews Natalie Liconti and Katharine King about the premiere of THE WALK IN CLOSET.

Published February 14, 2018

"NL: Our hope is that by normalizing inclusive and representative work, better conversations will be had through entertainment. I felt represented and learned about lesbian culture in two places: the Gay Village and TV. Queer culture is often forgotten, and it is through participation that queer people get to know their culture, and which of their histories are remembered and memorialized. It seems that very few queer people are raised in places where gay or queer culture and history is taught in the same way that dominant cultural histories and narratives are taught, so entertainment and pop culture become crucial. For me that’s the most important thing: creating a landmark for future generations of where we are today — even if it falls short in five years."

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"Calm Down, Dear: Festival Focus"

Brian Logan, Artistic Director of Camden People’s Theatre, tells Theatre.London about CPT's festival of feminist theatre, Calm Down, Dear.

Published January 11, 2018

"Hand on heart, I’d recommend it all. It was really competitive to get programmed in this festival. It’s all great. I’d certainly recommend Daughter Product’s The Gentle Art Of Punishment. They’re bringing it over from Canada, where it made a real splash."

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"The Gentle Art of Punishment at Camden People’s Theatre"

By Hannah Powell

Published January 21, 2018

"This is an incredibly thought-provoking yet relatable piece ... Using extracts from interviews with Drew Barrymore and what appear to be deeply personal stories, Daughter Product seek to join the audience in finding the answers to this question as well as represent the absurdity of today’s expectations on women."


"The Gentle Art of Punishment Rethinks Foucault"

Rachel Levine chats with Daughter Product about The Gentle Art of Punishment.

Published July 30, 2017

"[The Gentle Art of Punishment] is kind of a love letter to fucked-up ways of living, the sort of vulgarity and striving and resistance that isn’t obviously healthy, but can be totally vital to crafting a livable life."


Fringe Review: Breathtaking Compositions in “Docile Bodies”

Published June 17, 2017

"...Well written and poignant... the design is stunning... This piece encapsulates ideas I could only grasp at, and delivers them unapologetically. Filled with style and substance, truths, and once again, sheer badassery, I recommend everyone go see it."

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work-in-progress review

Willow White reviews Daughter Product's phase one version of The Gentle Art of Punishment at the ZH Festival.

Published August 2017

"The Gentle Art of Punishment is a beautiful, tragic, and darkly comic portrayal of the feminine."